Sunday, December 31, 2006



Many may be here, from my other blog, Political Yen/Yang. Many may be getting here through other means. But no matter how you got here, I want to welcome you to The Psychological/Philosophical Theology Of God.

This is a project I have been thinking about doing for some time now, with some measure of trepidation, given the sensitivity of the subject.

As is sometimes the case in political discussions, the topic turns to religion. I am not sure why that is, but it is, and sometimes I feel that it has little or no bearing on certain political discussions. There are times that it does, and when I feel that is the case, I will keep the discussion on PYY. But when I feel that the topic evolves too much in the theological direction and has little or no relevance to politics, this is where I will post my commentary.


My sole purpose for starting this blog is not to convert anyone to my way of thinking or doctrinal belief system, but to facilitate discussions about theological topics of the day and to give readers something deeper to think about than many can receive in a church setting. But know this and understand it well, this is not an effort to proselytize. Subsequently, this board will not be used for that purpose by me or any commenter.

Rules for Commenting

As I say in the opening description, intolerance will not be tolerated. Views can be discussed, challenged, and refuted in a classy, intelligent, and dignified manner; but I will not allow people to condemn anyone to hell or have their characters called into question over this. If this happens, comments will be deleted and if need be, commenters will be banned. If this proves to become more common than I would wish, I will delete the blog, and can it into non-existence.

Helpful Hints for Commenting

As I have said, I will not tolerate mean-spiritedness or any judgemental comments, in any way. There are ways to post comments on views that will be expressed here, WITHOUT engaging in this kind of behavior.

Some examples are as follows:


Commenter A says: I believe in ........

Commenter B says: You are an idiot and are going to hell.


Commenter A says: I believe......

Commenter B says: I have heard this, but I have always believed.......

Surely, that is not too hard of a concept to grasp.

Who Can Comment

Anyone. As I said earlier, this will be written primarily from a Judeo-Christian perspective. But I welcome comments from any religion. Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, and any other people from any other faiths are most certainly welcome. But understand that your views may or may not be accepted. But rest assured, you will not be condemned for them.


I hope this goes well and hope that this can be a source of inspiration (and in some cases enlightenment) for whoever reads it. My readers from PYY are some of the best, in the world. I do not feel that hoping for this same type of clientele is too far out of reach.

I am not a mainstream Christian, I do not belong to any sect or denomination, and I will more than likely express some views that will not be consistent with many mainstream denominations. So, read with an open mind and if you cannot grasp the things I will be saying, so be it. Like I said earlier, I am not proselytizing and conversion is not an objective here.

I probably will not be posting as much on this site as I do on PYY. But when I do, I will post an announcement on PYY and provide a link. Some of those posters may or may not make the trek over here, and that's okay. But for those that do, I hope this is as much of an experience as can be expected, in such a touchy and sensitive subject.

So if you have made it this far and plan to return, I say again:

Welcome and thank you for reading.